So Many Foundations, Who to Give to?

So Many Foundations, Who to Give to?

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We know there are a lot of cancer foundations and organizations out there all asking for money from the same limited resources, you! So how do you know which one you should give to?

There are a lot of reasons folks give to any particular foundation. Sometimes it’s because they or someone they know has had that type of cancer. Or perhaps they know someone who is involved with that organization. Sometimes it’s as simple as the fact they like an event that foundation hosts. What’s really important when you decide to give, is that the foundation or organization is legitimate.

How do you know the foundation is legit? Check them out on your State’s website. Make sure they have received or applied for a 501 (c) 3 Certification. Search the internet to be sure there are no red flags. And ask your friends, business associates and others if they know anything about the organization.

Why is giving important? Research and clinical trials take time. Treatments are expensive. It all takes money.

Regardless of which foundation you give to, and of course we would love it if you would consider donating to ours, the important thing is that you give. Because giving means we have hope. It means we are optimistic about a cure. So choose a foundation, donate, volunteer and spread the word. Help us all “Fund a Cure”.